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Nunn - Artificial Neural Network Library
Nunn Library - version 1.56 released (Dec 13, 2016) 

It contains bug-fixes and improvements.
It is an implementation of an Artificial Neural Network Library which learns by example.

Download nunn GitHub 


nuBASIC version 1.49 released.

Now IDE is available aslo for Linux/GTK+2 platforms.

https://sourceforge.net/projects/nubasic/files/latest/download https://github.com/eantcal/nubasic/releases


https://github.com/eantcal/tvpn/releases/tag/rel_1.3TVPN version 1.3 released.

It contains bug-fixes and improvements.

It is an open source software application that implements virtual private network techniques
for creating p2p or site2site connection configurations. 


https://github.com/eantcal/miposmipOS version 1.99 (trunk/beta)

Multum In Parvo Operating System is a cooperative multitasking RTOS designed for single-chip micro-controllers with severely limited RAM (e.g. less than 256 bytes) and ROM. It provides the flexibility of an RTOS in low-cost embedded designs