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PD and freeware projects

This software collection gathers a selection of freeware older programs I wrote in the past, many of them running on defunct DOS. 
You can still run those programs using dosbox

My first version of Breakout called "Muro" written in GW-BASIC. Source code version for GWBASIC (MUROORG.BAS / 4,24 KB)
This implementation is rather trivial made of less than 80 lines of BASIC code.
I rebuilt the game using QB 4.5 adding some minor modification. 
Download executable version of the game.
You can run this program using dosbox

 DOS - 1980s
The Mad Alphabet has been written in Pascal. It is a guessing game that consists of words made up on an alphabet-board. The words are composed by lighting each letter up one by one for a moment. Every time you guess a word, the length of the next word increases...

Download The Mad Alphabet 

You can run this program using dosbox

 DOS - 1980s
MicroCAD is a software for artistic drawing written in collaboration ​​with a friend of mine. I recovered first version of the program made ​​in 1990. This one lacks many features added later...

Download MicroCad 1.0 ( / 61 KB). You can run this program using dosbox
 DOS - 1990s
 I started writing the first version of this DOS game since 1991 using Borland Turbo Pascal. It has been reviewed and distributed by MCmicrocomputer.

Download Poker 2.0 ( / 110 KB)
You can still enjoy this game by using dosbox
 DOS - 1990s
Library written in collaboration with a friend of mine, it has been reviewed and distributed by MCmicrocomputer in 1992.
It is an easy and complete software for‎ book library management.‎‎
Main program has been written by using Microsoft Quick Basic 4.5. Setup and the interactive guide with Turbo Pascal 5.5 by Borland.
 DOS - 1990s

Z80Edit is a simple but complete IDE to cross-compile firmware for Z80 architecture. It is the result of a collaboration with a professor of electronics of mine.
Z80Edit has been made by using Borland Pascal 7 and Turbo Vision Library.
 DOS - 1990s
Foodman is a complete software for managing a restaurant. I have been commissioned by a non-profit association that was organising every year a huge point of restoration for an event.
They had to manage hundred of customers and dozens of tables for each day during the event.

Download foodman version 21b
You can run foodman using dosbox
 DOS - 1990s

My first implementation of a ray-casting 3d engine. Download for MS-DOS
You can run the demo program using dosbox
I wrote this software using C++ and Assembly x86
 DOS - 1990s

Execom is a Hexadecimal Editor for MS-DOS with a built-in x86 disassembler. It is written in Borland Pascal.
This software proved decisive for the analysis and understanding of executable internals
First version of this software has been written in 1991.


This is a super simple and lightweight CD player for Windows.
The controls of the CD can be placed in a small portion of the screen.
Download 1.03 for Windows
This is a free version of a network protocol analyzer for Windows written in C++
This tool allows examination of data from a live network, or from a captured file
First version of AnNet for Windows has been released at the end of 2001. 
It relies on Winpcap.

Commercial versions of this software were used for decoding protocols employed in telecommunication equipment.
This version has been purged from proprietary applications, therefore, it is light and may be used freely.

More information at AnNet
Winraycast Demo
This was a project developed and published with an article on ray-casting by Computer Programming magazine.

Download (3,32Mb)

A refactoring of original source code is there 

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