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DHCP/HTTP/TFTP Integrated Server

BoardCfgSrv is an implementation of DHCP server for Windows can be used to supply IP addresses to other devices. 

Dhcp Server

BoardCfgSrv also supports TFTP and HTTP protocols, which enable you to make remote boot for embedded application and other purposes.

How to download and install?

You can download the latest released version from this URL

Installer packages

To install BoardCfgSrv, double-click on the setup-boardcfgsrv.exe contained in the zipped file, and follow the instructions.

This version has been built by using Microsoft Visual C++ 2013

Windows Installation Prerequisites

To install successfully BoardCfgSrv (VC++ builds) Visual C++ Redistributable Packages are required.
To do this, search for "Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio
2013" or use the following link

Setting up DHCP server

After installing these packages the DHCP server software may be started. 

Having the DHCP server running while you are connected to a LAN can interfere with the operation of other computers, while BoardCfgSrv is designed to support 
direct Ethernet connections from the development Host to the Target board. 
Ideally, the development Host would have two network adapters; 
one adapter to connect to your LAN, 
  • and one Ethernet card to connect directly 
  • to the Target board with a crossover cable or Ethernet hub. 
If your development Host only has one network interface it must be directly connected to the Target host/board. 

The Ethernet adapter connected directly to the target board should be:
  • Configured with a proper static IP address and Subnet Mask.
  • Connected directly to the target board with either a crossover cable or its own Ethernet hub.

Remark that the firewall could interfere with many of the services that are needed to work with BoardCfgSrv 
These should be disabled before continuing.

Configuring the DHCP Server

Edit the dhcpd configuration file (dhcpsrv.ini)

// ---------------------------------------------------------
// DHCP/TFTP/HTTP Server configuration 
// ---------------------------------------------------------
bootp_filename = board.bin
dhcp_filename = board.bin
leasetime = 10000
netmask =
serverip =
workingdir = C:\Work\BoardCfgSrv\Release\
yourip =

TFTP and HTTP server use the "workingdir" path as source folder for transfering files.

Running the DHCP Server

You need administrator permission to run this application
Application will show information in the console window while is running


Antonino Calderone,
Mar 19, 2015, 10:12 AM