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Codility simple demo challenges

Codility has free training, lessons and challenges for the programming community. There are 16 lessons with around 70 training tasks. 
When you complete a task you will get feedback on its correctness and performance. 
They also run programming challenges to allow programmers to show off their skills.

Here my C++ solutions to some of Codility simple demo challenges:
  • TapeEquilibrium - Minimize the value |(A[0] + ... + A[P-1]) - (A[P] + ... + A[N-1])|.
  • FrogRiverOne - Find the earliest time when a frog can jump to the other side of a river
  • MaxCounters - Calculate the values of counters after applying all alternating operations: increase counter by 1; set value of all counters to current maximum.
  • CountDiv - Compute number of integers divisible by k in range [a..b].
  • MaxProductOfThree - Maximize A[P] * A[Q] * A[R] for any triplet (P, Q, R)
  • Dominator - Find an index of an array such that its value occurs at more than half of indices in the array
  • Nesting score - Determine whether given string of parentheses is properly nested.
  • PermMissingElemFind the missing element in a given permutation.