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nuBASIC - BASIC interpreter written in C++11

 nuBASIC (http://www.nubasic.euis an implementation of a programming language BASIC interpreter. 

It has been designed mainly for educational purposes both for C++ developers that can deal with a non-trivial example of C++11 programming and for nuBASIC's users, that may get hooked on programming. nuBASIC is distributed as source code under GPLv2/MIT License.
Source files compile under several operating systems, e.g. Linux and MS Windows, and maybe others.

nuBASIC releases and source code can be downloaded from http://sourceforge.net/projects/nubasic or https://github.com/eantcal/nubasic

Latest nuBASIC release 1.48 (2017/7/3) available on

 https://github.com/eantcal/nubasic/releases/ https://chocolatey.org/packages/nubasic

Why nuBASIC?
Ever since starting writing BASIC programs on my Commodore 64 I've always wanted to write a BASIC interpreter. 

During a programming course in C++11 which I held in 2014, I decided to implement an interpreter, as sample code, and my choice fell on BASIC, fifty years after John G. Kemeny and Thomas E. Kurtz designed the original BASIC language. 

Despite Dijkstra's famous judgment, "It is practically impossible to teach good programming to students that have had a prior exposure to BASIC: as potential programmers they are mentally mutilated beyond hope of regeneration", BASIC was one of the few languages simple enough for a 8 year old child to understand, so its simplicity made it easy for beginners to learn programming. 
I was 8 when I started to program in BASIC and I'm not sure that I was able to understand so well advanced programming languages in those days.

nuBASIC review by www.linuxvoice.com
Linux Voice is an independent GNU/Linux and Free Software magazine from the most experienced journalists in the business.
"...nuBASIC still fills a niche: for those who fancy a trip down memory lane, for programmers who want to see how a language is implemented (the interpreter is written in C++), and for children looking for an easy path into the world of programming."

Installation via Chocolatey package manager for Windows

  • To install nuBASIC (Install), run the following command from the command line or from PowerShell:

C:\> choco install nubasic

To upgrade nuBASIC (Install), run the following command from the command line or from PowerShell:

C:\> choco upgrade nubasic