Multum In Parvo Operating System is a cooperative multitasking RTOS designed for single-chip micro-controllers with severely limited RAM (e.g. less than 256 bytes) and ROM. It provides the flexibility of an RTOS in low-cost embedded designs.

System-On-Chip (SoC) programmers can choose mipOS for its small, fast and royalty-free benefits.

mipOS manages tasks, providing mutual exclusion, signals, message queues, memory management, timers.

Optional modules include: command line support, file system and stdio support, CAN support.

mipOS is designed to be as compact as possible for the target architecture. Its small footprint enables use in devices with limited memory capacity, including on-chip in SoC implementations, and that reduces power demands, extending battery life.

Small size also makes mipOS easy to understand and use. mipOS is highly portable: it is written mainly in C programming language.

mipOS is free and delivered in fully documented source code form, prepared for building with your preferred development tools.

The original design and the source code was published in an article for the magazine Computer Programming where the internals of a portable and scalable kernel for microcontrollers with severely limited resource are described.

mipOS has been ported on Intel x86 chip, STMicroelectronics® ST7 microcontroller, STM8 microcontroller and STM32 32bit, ARM-Cortex M3 microcontroller families.

Non-commercial distribution of mipOS is available for IAR® KickStart Kit for STM32.

It includes demo projects (source code) for IAR® Embedded Workbench™ V5.11 for ARM and for STM8S-DISCOVERY evaluation board (ST® Visual Develop™ and Cosmic® C compilers are supported)

mipOS can be executed on Windows™ or Linux user-space process for simulation purposes (both Microsoft® Visual Studio™ and GCC compilers are supported).

Main Product Features

● compact kernel

● real-time performance

● extremely small memory requirements

● fully event-driven

● free for educational and royalty-free

● delivered in source code form

mipOS has powered firmware for industrial applications such as

  • Smart valves for ships (systems based on STM8 and STM32 microcontrollers - includes CAN bus drivers, serial console, dynamic upgrade)

  • Industrial Temperature Controllers (multi-channel system based on ST7 and STM8 microcontrollers)

  • Industrial Flow meters (based on STM8 / STM32 microcontrollers)

  • Cableway remote controllers (based on ST7 microcontrollers)

mipos - embedded in a Visual Studio Windows Console Application