Selection of public domain and free software I wrote since late 1980s -You can still run most of them by using dosbox.


Game - QuickBASIC - MS-DOS - 1989

This is a clone of a popular game. First version of it I wrote was for GW-BASIC interpreter. It was just 74 lines of code.

Another curiosity, it is how I designed the "SEGMENT-DISPLAY FONT" used to show score and other messages in the game board.

I have found the original "design" I made 30+ years ago :-)

The Mad Alphabet

Game - Turbo Pascal - MS-DOS - 1989

This simple game was inspired by a TV show I was used to watch a lot of years ago.

MicroCad 1.0

Painting tool - Borland Pascal - MS-DOS - 1990

Written with a friend of mine, I have found the binaries of first version of this program. We added many features later, including mouse and printer (Epson) support.

Vga Poker 3.0

Game - Borland Pascal - MS-DOS - 1991/92

First two versions were reviewed and then published on McMicrocomputer.

Library - Distributed by McMicrocomputer 120

Books Database Manager - QuickBASIC/Turbo Pascal - MS-DOS - 1991/92

Z80 Edit

IDE/Assembler - Borland Pascal / Turbo Vision - MS-DOS - 1992/1993.

I wrote this assembler for Zilog 80 for carrying out my final project for my graduation in electronics.

Food Manager

Restaurant Manager - Borland Pascal/Borland Assembly - MS-DOS - 1994

Ray-casting 3d engine demo

Demo - Borland C++ / Borland Assembler 386 - MS-DOS - 1995/1996

First time I watched ID-Software's games I was so impressed that I decided to implement my own graphics engine. BTW I made a bet with a friend of mine that I was able to :-)


Binary Editor / Disassembler x86 - Borland Pascal - MS-DOS - 1991-1998

Binary editors are essential. This one among other features includes a x86 disassembler. I don't have to say the reason why. I guess !

CD Player

CD Player - Visual C++ - Windows - 1999/2000

Needed a simple CD player. Decided to write one by myself because tired of the multi-featured existing ones.


Network Analyser - Visual C++ - Windows - 2001

This tool allows examination of data from a live network, or from a captured file.

It relies on Winpcap (alternative download link).

This is a public domain version of a commercial software. I stripped out the proprietary protocols decoders and made it free.


3D Engine Demo - Visual C++ - Windows - 2005

A refactoring of original source code is there

I wrote this demo as example for an article on ray casting 3d engines I got published on Computer Programming Magazine