Hey there! Since the 80s, I've been deep into programming. It's been a long journey, and I've picked up loads of experience working with big names like Cisco, Microsoft, Intel, and Ericsson. But the stuff I'm sharing here? That's all me – just personal projects and papers that I'm putting out there for anyone interested (and you can check out my LinkedIn profile here).

So, why this website? After years of learning from the awesome resources on the internet, I figured it's time to throw my own creations into the mix. Think of it as my way of saying thanks to the online community that's been such a huge help and inspiration.

I'm also sharing some stories too. Like how as a kid, I was (already) into programming, publishing my first projects. That's how far back my love for coding goes, and it's been an amazing ride ever since!

Final “thank you speech" at the 6th International Conference on Electrical and Electronic Technologies for Automotive (November 17th-19th, 2021). I presented the paper “Emulation of Rail and Automotive Applications based on Adaptable Communication Systemwinner of the Student Contest at AEIT Automotive Conference.

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